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Lightning Talks

William Bilancio is organising a Lightning Talks session for the LISA'11 conference in Boston. A LISA Birds of a Feather("BoF") session is an informal opportunity for sysadmins to share knowledge and/or enthusiasm.


Lightning Talks are a series of five-minute talks where enthusiasm is paramount and almost anything that might be of interest to sysadmins is on-topic.

In particular this is for real, practical material that wouldn't make it to the technical sessions for one reason or another, but might be of benefit or interest to the community.

Some examples

Why might I want to give a Lightning Talk?

Why might I want to attend the Lightning Talks BoF?

Because you might learn of something great you haven't come across before. Because you might get (re-)enthused about something you heard of but forgot about. Because listening to smart people talk about what fires them up is fun.

5 minutes each means low risk. And if you leave with just one idea that you actually use, then it's well worth it.

Ok I'm sold. What next?

Preferably, email me if you want to give a talk. Or just show up to LISA'11 and talk to me; that's what informal means.

LISA11 BoF Schedule

With thanks to R Geoff Avery for suggestions, YAPC, PPW and mst for examples.