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I run email services.

The CA cert for x.509 (SSL) certificates: CA certificate

Mail filtering

There are 4 main filtering facilities: postgrey, spamassassin, clamav and sieve, as well as checks that are built into the smtp server. You may create a folder named spam under your INBOX. Any messages in this IMAP folder will be learned by the spamassassin as spam, so please check at least once in a while that we're not getting false positives. Allowing them to remain will further entrench the database's bad behaviour. You may also create a folder called notspam under your INBOX. Guess how the learning process treats these? This is where you should copy messages that were tagged as spam, but in your opinion are ham, i.e. false positives. Your INBOX will be scanned by the learning tool and messages more than a few days old that remain in your INBOX will be treated as ham, so if anything comes to your INBOX untagged that you think should have been tagged as spam, i.e. false negatives, make sure you move it to the spam folder.

Sieve scripts should be uploaded to the server via sieveshell:

        >put <your script file> <somename>
        >activate <somename>
Here's a simple sample which will sort messages tagged as spam to your INBOX.spam folder:
require ["fileinto","regex","envelope"];
if header :contains "X-Spam-Level" ["*****"] {
        fileinto "INBOX.spam";
You will have to manually create any folder you wish to use in this script before you expect it to be used by sieve . Your imap client is probably the best method. If you have shell access, you might be able to save a sievescript as dovecot.sieve in your homedir.